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The A-Bomb Dome, once the Hiroshima Prefecture Industrial Promotion Hall, has been preserved as a reminder of the atomic bombing. Photo copyright 1985,1995 Carol Gram Paulson; used by permission.

All of these web sites are in Hiroshima, Japan. Each of the pages reached by these links is in English, or contains some information in English. The focus is on sites related to the atomic bombing, but many Hiroshima sites are included. For more links and information on the atomic bombing, including links to Nagasaki, please visit Leo Szilard Online.

* A-Bomb WWW Museum - A large web site first opened for the 50th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. Co-sponsored by the Hiroshima Software Engineers Association and the Chugoku-Shikoku Internet Council; also supported by the city government of Hiroshima.

* The City of Hiroshima - Home page of the city of Hiroshima, Japan. It includes the program of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, the Mayor's Peace Declaration, information and photographs on the damage caused by the atomic bomb, history of Hiroshima and its "New Century Vision" for the future.

* Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) - The Radiation Effects Research Foundation in Hiroshima was formerly known as the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC). The RERF continues to study the health effects of the bombing on the survivors. See the RERF Frequently Asked Questions for fast facts on total deaths from the bombing, radiation exposure, and health effects.

* Hiro's Home Page - This page, from the RERF site, provides valuable information for visitors to Hiroshima. A section on A-bomb damage is also included.

* HIROSHIMA Interpreters for Peace (HIP) - Hiroshima Interpreters for Peace, a group of volunteer interpreters and guides, publishes the HIROSHIMA HANDBOOK, a guide for visitors.

Other web sites in Hiroshima include:

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